Hey instagram friends! My name is Jacob and thank you so much for checking out my new company :) .  I'm 22 years old and I am just starting out so checking out what I am doing means the world to me. Below I have the Footsouls for Converse that I invented because I know how much we all love our Converse. 

I invented these souls so that when we are at Disneyland, Concerts, Music Festivals, work and life's other adventures we can be comfortable while doing it. The more comfortable we are the happier we are and my goal is to bring happiness to people to inspire you to live a life you would relive. 

FOOTSOULS for Converse - footsouls

These Footsouls are made with super comfy memory foam to make your Converse feel like you are walking on a cloud. People tell me all the time that they literally feel like they are "walking on a cloud". Their words not mine haha. 

So if you would like to give them a try a support your soul (that pun is to good :') ) and make yourself happier these Footsouls are for you!! 

I invented these for myself originally because I loved wearing my Converse to festivals, concerts, school (since in only 22), work, Disneyland, and all of lifes other adventures. So, I made them feel amazing because I wanted to make my experiences in life that much more incredible. 

Free shipping on all orders in the USA for orders over 29.98 (2 pairs of Footsouls for each pair of your Converse!) + 14 day money back guarantee that you will love them! 

converse footsouls insoles
footsouls insoles for converse

converse insoles footsouls
explore with footsouls insoles for converse

footsouls insoles for converse
Footsouls insoles for Converse - Feel Your Soul

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AND remember....Footsouls for Converse. NOT insoles for Converse ;)


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