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Hey Whole Foods crew members! My name is Jacob and I work at one of the grocery store here in Santa Barbara California. While I have been working here I have always loved wearing my Converse, but never could get through an 8 Hour shift in them. SO I invented these Footsouls for your Converse so that we could wear our Converse to work and make ourselves happier while we are at work!

for your chucks insoles for converse

My entire crew is absolutley loving them and now wears their Converse to work. It is so cool to invent something that actually works and makes your Converse feel like you are walking on a pillow of clouds.

feel your soul insoles
insoles feel your soul converse

So, when you slip your Converse on right before your shift at Whole Foods you see the little Feel Your Soul logo that I designed to be a daily reminder to make the most out of every day :) 


feel your soul
feel your soul footsouls
feel your soul for your chuck Taylors

This is how every order is shipped out from our little beach cottage here in Santa Barbara, California. If you order 3 or more Footsouls we ship them in a eco-friendly box and we will even draw on it too! Put what you would like us to draw in the comments of your order :-)

FOOTSOULS for Converse
insoles for converse footsouls

AND remember Footsouls for Converse....NOT insoles for Converse ;)


Don't change your dreams. Change the world. 

art by @janessawait

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