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Hey amazing friends!! Thank you so much for checking out my new business. It means so much to me!

If you wear Converse you are going to be obbsesed with these.

They make your Converse super super comfy so that you can wear them all throughout your 8 hour shifts at work and all of the adventures life brings. They make them feel like you are walking on a cloud. 

My mission with Footsouls is to inspire you to follow your passions and to not let life pass you which is why there is a daily reminder to Feel Your Soul on every pair of Footsouls

footsouls insoles for converse

converse insoles footsouls

footsouls insoles for converse
Footsouls insoles for Converse - Feel Your Soul

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AND remember....Footsouls for Converse. NOT insoles for Converse ;)


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